Considering a move to independence?

Things to consider before taking the leap to a registered investment advisor.

Author: Team Golden State

There are many reasons an advisor would benefit from joining an independent registered investment advisor (“RIA”). However, prior to such a move, it is critical to do your due diligence and understand all aspects of the business change before taking the step. When defining your goals and objectives, be sure to exhaust all reasons for the move and feel confident in your decision. Whether reasons for a move would be to increase access to new investment options, generate new revenue streams, or lower your fees, to name a few, advisors may find many benefits in taking the leap to independence. To aid in a move, Golden State believes that if you check the box on at least one of the reasons below, then you should at least engage in a conversation with an RIA to determine if a move is right for you.

√  I am looking for increased flexibility in terms of investment options, fees and services to offer my clients.
√  I have an interest in being more transparent with fiduciary responsibilities and clearly show that my interests are aligned with my clients’ values and principles.
√  I want to operate my business with my own brand and build a reputation that reflects me as opposed to being associated with a larger institution.
√  I would like to retain a higher percentage of income generated from the work that I do.

At Golden State, we believe advisors should have the autonomy to build independent, valuable, and enduring practices. We aim to meet the needs of top-tier, high-quality financial advisors by providing a flexible affiliation framework for those looking for fee-only or an independent hybrid RIA with a broker/dealer relationship, access to a turnkey asset management program, and additional revenue streams and services through insurance, mortgages, and a digital advice platform.

If you believe a move may be in your future or are just curious about what a move may look like, we welcome a confidential conversation.