Daniel R. Catone’s forward-thinking business mind and entrepreneurial spirit speaks to the new breed of investors and focuses on the changing face of the wealth industry. With his diverse background, you’ll be introduced to the transformation of the changing economy and how financial professionals are facing these challenges. Along with him, you will examine the industry with a microscope and find opportunities and learn best practices.

Latest Episode

WisdomTree Global CIO, Jeremy Schwartz, shares his insights on finance, current opportunities and hidden risk

Join me with special guest, Jeremy Schwartz, Global CIO of WisdomTree to discuss investment strategies, the S&P 500, and more market insights.

Previous Episodes

The Benefits and Pitfalls of AI

Join me with special guest, Lt. Colonel Andrew DeBerry, former Head of AI Monetization at Meta, as he shares his thoughts on artificial intelligence. We will hear about his hopes for AI, but also his fears of its rise.

Interest Rates, Blackstone and the American Dream

Join me with special guest, Chris Chudacoff, for an in-depth discussion about all avenues of mortgages and the real estate market including how families are affected by investment companies entering the market and wealth inequality.

The New Economic Slowdown

Join me with special guest, Clint Sorenson, for an enlightening discussion about market chaos, transformational tech and spiking interest rates might be setting us up for a once in a generation bull market.

How One Email Can Ruin Your Career

Does your practice have cybersecurity measures in place to protect your clients? Join me with our Chief Information Officer, Clint Nylander as we discuss the increasing threats of ransomware on advisory firms.

The Fed as Friend and Foe

The Federal Reserve Bank enjoys unprecedented influence in the US and global markets. Listen as Clint Sorenson, Co-Founder of WealthShield, and I discuss the increased power of the Fed, and the move towards a decentralized system by the people.

NFTs: Future or Folly?

Still wondering about NFTs? Join me with the Chief Revenue Officer of Apollo as we discuss the fascinating world of NFTs and the blockchain.

The New Breed of Investors

The wealth industry is changing by the minute with a new breed of investors. Join me, Daniel Catone, on my first episode that examines the new face of the wealth industry.


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